Running, kid-style

My poor blog has been neglected for far too long. I am now on a mission to fix that! The posts will be short and sweet, otherwise I could be working on this until New Year’s.

The Greater Derry Track Club held Fun Runs for the kids every week this summer at Londonderry High School. Each kid gets their own number and races are broken down by age and gender. We only made it twice this year, but the kids LOVED it! They have the kids stretch out and get warmed up before the races.

After the races, they offered watermelon and Gatorade. This was a big hit with my kids.

All the kids got ribbons after they finished their races.







A few more pictures from April.

We went to The New England Aquarium during April vacation with Mem.

The girls went to a birthday party at their friend Allie’s house where they got to paint their own flower pots and plant some seeds.

Ari always takes great pictures.

The girls read a book about fairy houses at daycare and were very interested in building one at home. We went through the woods and gathered leaves, sticks, rocks, pine cones and anything else that looked fairy-worthy, and then they went to town building a house.

I gave them “fairy water” (I colored a bucket of water yellow for them) and they made mud to form a nice roof. This fairy house business kept them busy for a good two hours….without fighting!

Each compartment was a different room in the house.


The next day, the girls found fairy dust on the house!


Dirty feet will be the theme of the summer I think.

Catch-up Post – March

March weather has brought us outside a lot more often, and we’ve needed it!

Sam has taken up jumping rope and she’s getting really good.

We have done lots of bike riding.

I hope we can get Sam to ride her bike without training wheels by the end of the summer.

Even in our PJs.

Climbed some trees.

And lots of golfing

Luke turned 2 in March also, but I’ll give him his own post for his special day!

Catch-up Post – February

Apparently, February was even bleaker than January. All we did was a little Mardi Gras celebration (?):

Valentine Card preparation:


And we’re always reading. Sam was so excited to have her own library card. She lets Sara pick out a couple of books each time they go too!

Catch-up post – January

I finally blew the dust off my blog. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it during tax season, but I figured I would have caught up by now. Little did I know reading the Hunger Games trilogy would have set me back even further!

Since few pictures are taken the first few months of the year, I’m going to just do a few catch-up posts.

Sam went to a birthday party for her friend Bridget at For Kids Who Cook. Each kid got to make their own pizza from scratch. She loved making her own pizza and choosing her own toppings – pepperoni and pineapple! Then they got to frost their own cupcakes.

Sara went to Charlotte’s party at U Bounce, a super fun bounce house place.

Sara and Ari…holding hands as usual!

This was my only picture of Luke in January…how pathetic!



Corn Maze

Two of the mom’s from Sara’s Pre-K class at Applewood started setting up events to give the families opportunities to meet and socialize outside of school.  This past Saturday was the first event – a Corn Maze at Elwood Orchards!

We wandered through the maze for about an hour.  The kids were great and really worked together when choosing a path.

The crew - Sam, Sara, Emmitt, Lily, and Oliver

After walking in (what seemed like) circles, we found our way back to the entrance.  The kids didn’t know that it was the same way we came in and were all so excited to have “made it!”  I was happy to not have to call 911 like the poor local woman who did this past week when she was stuck in a corn maze!