First Day of School


Sam was really excited to start 1st grade at South School. A few days before the start of school, the class lists are posted at the school. I find this a little odd. We always knew who our next teacher was on the last day of school.
She found out she was in Mrs. Marquis’ class and had a bunch of friends from kindergarten joining her.

Sara’s classroom placement came in the mail.


She was placed in Mrs. Brulet’s class and was beyond excited that her BFF Ari was going to be there too!

It was down pouring the first day so I got very few pictures.









Sara’s 5!

Sara turned 5 on 7/13. She was very excited when she woke up!

I really wanted to have a “whatever Sara says, goes” type of day, but I ended up having jury duty that day. So we let her open all her birthday presents in the morning and I made her heart-shaped pancakes with pink sprinkles for breakfast.

Clip on braids.

Sisterly love.

We got her two pairs of cute earrings since she always wears the same studs. She loved them! She came right over and gave me the biggest hug and thanked me so genuinely.

Both pairs of earrings were gone in exactly one month….

The only thing she asked for was a Barbie laptop. We have more play laptops then one family needs, but since it was the only thing she wanted, I caved and got her one.

Her favorite outfit.

That night, her besties Arianna and Morgan came over for cake (BEFORE dinner!) and then we went to Chunky’s for dinner and to see the movie Brave.

She said it was the best birthday ever.

A few things about Sara:

Height: 44 inches (75th percentile)

Weight: 42 lbs (75th percentile)

BMI: 17.5

She’s my middle child, the one who is going to give me a run for money, but I love her so!


I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my 3 day work weeks – Tuesday through Thursday, but 4th of July week I had to work Monday and Tuesday which gave me Wednesday the 4th through the following Monday off! It was like a mini stay-cation!

We did a lot of swimming at the beach and friends’ pools. I don’t tend to take many pictures while all 3 kids are in the water, but I did work up the courage when we had Aunty Sue’s pool to ourselves.

Water bugs.

Holy BIG eyes!

Sara has gotten brave and will now jump in by herself.

Luke was very curious about the butterfly that kept flying over head and then finally landed on the flowers.





Gymnastics Recital

Sara had been taking gymnastics since the fall and they had their recital the Friday night of Father’s Day weekend. She was very excited for the night!

They first showed the audience all of their warm-up exercises.

Her bridge.

They had 10 stations set up throughout the gym. They did front rolls, back rolls, practiced cartwheels, balance beam, and several other stations. The advanced groups did a routine for us. It was really neat to see them perform. Last, they each were called up to receive their highly anticipated trophy!




Sara did gymnastics for one session about a year and a half ago, right after Luke was born.  I thought it would be fun to do something, just her and I.  Well, not so fun.  She was pretty resistant to going and never really got in to it.  Oh well, we tried.

Fast forward to this past October.  I enrolled her at a different place – New England Gymnastics Training Center and this time her BFF Arianna is in class with her. What a difference a year and a half makes! She loves going to class and her Ari have so much fun!

Holding hands as they ran their laps around the mat at the start of class.

She was tentative on the beam at first, but she quickly gained confidence and did it all by herself.

Corn Maze

Two of the mom’s from Sara’s Pre-K class at Applewood started setting up events to give the families opportunities to meet and socialize outside of school.  This past Saturday was the first event – a Corn Maze at Elwood Orchards!

We wandered through the maze for about an hour.  The kids were great and really worked together when choosing a path.

The crew - Sam, Sara, Emmitt, Lily, and Oliver

After walking in (what seemed like) circles, we found our way back to the entrance.  The kids didn’t know that it was the same way we came in and were all so excited to have “made it!”  I was happy to not have to call 911 like the poor local woman who did this past week when she was stuck in a corn maze!

Apple Picking

On Sunday we went out to Dover to visit with Nicole and decided to all go apple picking.  We haven’t had many chances to all do something together, this seemed like a good opportunity.  We went to DeMeritt Hill Farm in Lee.  There was a tractor pulled hay ride that took you up to where all the apple trees were.  It was worth paying the extra $$ for the hay ride since it was over 80 degrees that day!

The farm also had a playground area with a large climbing structure and several small structures.  There was a bouncy house and pony rides as well, but we didn’t do either of those.

Nicole catching Luke at the bottom of the slide.

Sara was measuring herself to see how tall she was.

I'm not really sure. It was on the back of a pick up truck.

The next days the girls and I baked an apple pie.  It was actually quite pleasant for once – no tears, no yelling.

All hands were washed prior to the mixing of apples.

It really needed 2 or 3 more apples. I'll make sure no load the next pie this weekend.

The pie came out good.  I didn’t get to take any pictures of the final product, and it’s nearly gone now.

I took the kids to Macks yesterday to get pumpkins.  I’ll update with pictures once the girls bedazzle their pumpkins!

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