First Day of School


Sam was really excited to start 1st grade at South School. A few days before the start of school, the class lists are posted at the school. I find this a little odd. We always knew who our next teacher was on the last day of school.
She found out she was in Mrs. Marquis’ class and had a bunch of friends from kindergarten joining her.

Sara’s classroom placement came in the mail.


She was placed in Mrs. Brulet’s class and was beyond excited that her BFF Ari was going to be there too!

It was down pouring the first day so I got very few pictures.










I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my 3 day work weeks – Tuesday through Thursday, but 4th of July week I had to work Monday and Tuesday which gave me Wednesday the 4th through the following Monday off! It was like a mini stay-cation!

We did a lot of swimming at the beach and friends’ pools. I don’t tend to take many pictures while all 3 kids are in the water, but I did work up the courage when we had Aunty Sue’s pool to ourselves.

Water bugs.

Holy BIG eyes!

Sara has gotten brave and will now jump in by herself.

Luke was very curious about the butterfly that kept flying over head and then finally landed on the flowers.





Sam’s Last Day of Kindergarten

I’m sure I’ll be writing this for the next 20 years, but man the school year went by fast!

The First Day of Kindergarten and now:

Moving on to 1st grade!


Kindergarten Celebration

Samantha’s kindergarten class at Moose Hill didn’t have a graduation, but they did have an end of year Celebration that was very nice. We may have lucked out with a sunny day and been the only session to be able to have the celebration outside because of the rain we had been having.

Like the “great” mom I am, I got myself all situated to take pictures. The classes filed out and they lined up on the risers. Sam told me she was in the back row because she was so tall. I snapped this one picture:

and my battery died. Luckily, my in-laws were there with a fully charged camera!

Sam had been practicing the songs that they were performing for the past couple of weeks. I couldn’t wait to hear them sing! They sang 6 songs: You’re a Grand Old Flag, It’s a Beautiful Day, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Down by the Bay, Watch as We Walk on Our Way, and I Am Me. The last song was an unexpected tear-jerker for sure!

We got to go back to the classroom for snacks and drinks.


And just like that, Kindergarten is over.


Sam is playing (and loving!) baseball again this year. She’s in the Rookie league and plays twice a week. They practice and do drills for the first half of each game, then have a game against the other team where every kid gets to bat.

To start off the season, the league holds a parade from the high school to the fields, complete with a fire truck escort. Sam is #4 this year and on the Tigers.

After the short parade, all the players gather on one field and get to see some of the high school players throw out the 1st pitches of the season.

Brian missed all of the festivities, he was sick with pneumonia:(

I will have to get some more recent pictures, as her batting stance has greatly improved. She’s hitting well, and getting the hang of throwing and fielding correctly. I think her enthusiasm for the game is best of all!

There’s an area behind the field for Sara and Luke to play in during the games. They usually practice their hitting technique as well!

Luke thinks it’s fun to throw all of the balls over the locked fence, and then gets mad when he has no balls left.

First call from the school nurse

I got a call on Friday morning that Sam was in the nurse’s office.  Her chest was tight and she had a low grade fever.  I happened to be in Walmart with the kids and Brian, so we all took a ride to pick her up.  We dropped Brian off to pick up his car and headed home.  She looked pretty pale and had a lousy cough.  She got a nebulizer treatment right away then just relaxed on the couch until lunch.

After a small lunch of soup, the coughing started getting really bed and she was begging me to put her sheets on her bed so she could sleep.  I couldn’t get them on fast enough.  Her cough was worse and worse and she started saying she felt really sick and that she couldn’t breathe.

Her pediatrician’s office was closed for lunch so I took her right to Urgent Care.  I have been to Urgent Care twice for myself, and Brian has taken Sam once for an ear infection, and we have always been so pleased with their service.  Friday was no exception.  They whisked her right in and started monitoring her.  Her oxygen level was REALLY low.  They started her on her first of 3 nebulizer treatments.  She also was given prednisone.

Brian came and stayed with her, she’s definitely a daddy’s girls, and I took the other two home.  They spent about 2 hours there monitoring her and ordered x-rays of her lungs.  They were all clear, thank goodness.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching hours upon hours of TV and movies, with puzzle making and baking a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies  in between .  Swim lessons, a birthday party, and a pumpkin carving party with her cousins were all missed.  Besides from the obvious cough, I knew she really wasn’t herself because she didn’t even put up a fight about missing all her fun activities.

She seemed to be doing better on Monday and I sent her to school.  I wasn’t at work more than twenty minutes when the school nurse called.  So not only am I “that” parent who sent her kid to school sick, but I also sent in an expired inhaler!

The nurse recommended keeping her home again tomorrow, which Sam will happily oblige!  She’ll spend the morning with Daddy and then Aunty Rita will be over for the afternoon.

Hopefully her nebulizer treatments and the steroids kick this thing soon!

Corn Maze

Two of the mom’s from Sara’s Pre-K class at Applewood started setting up events to give the families opportunities to meet and socialize outside of school.  This past Saturday was the first event – a Corn Maze at Elwood Orchards!

We wandered through the maze for about an hour.  The kids were great and really worked together when choosing a path.

The crew - Sam, Sara, Emmitt, Lily, and Oliver

After walking in (what seemed like) circles, we found our way back to the entrance.  The kids didn’t know that it was the same way we came in and were all so excited to have “made it!”  I was happy to not have to call 911 like the poor local woman who did this past week when she was stuck in a corn maze!

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