I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my 3 day work weeks – Tuesday through Thursday, but 4th of July week I had to work Monday and Tuesday which gave me Wednesday the 4th through the following Monday off! It was like a mini stay-cation!

We did a lot of swimming at the beach and friends’ pools. I don’t tend to take many pictures while all 3 kids are in the water, but I did work up the courage when we had Aunty Sue’s pool to ourselves.

Water bugs.

Holy BIG eyes!

Sara has gotten brave and will now jump in by herself.

Luke was very curious about the butterfly that kept flying over head and then finally landed on the flowers.






Luke Turns 2!


This feels likes the fastest 2 years of my life.




Against all my wishes, I was not able to keep Luke teeny tiny small. I know they obviously all need to grow up, but it still is so sad that my baby is already two.

He started his day early so I played his birthday song for him on my Kindle as I got breakfast ready.

All 3 kids have the birthday song from Captain Zoom that Brian and I remember as kids! You order the song and it is customized with your kid’s name. It’s a very catchy tune and the kids all love it!

Because Luke’s birthday is 2 weeks before the tax deadline, I don’t have the luxury of taking the day off to spend with him. So I made baseball cupcakes for his class at daycare and we celebrated with the family at night.

With Jiddo, talking on his new phone.

Opening presents with the girls’ help.

This picture is blurry, but I love the excitement on his face!

We had a birthday party for him that weekend with all the grandparents, Aunty Tracey, Aunty Rita, his friend and neighbor Oliver, and the Beaudoin family.

I’m not a big fan of the themed parties for little kids, yet all 3 had Sesame parties for their 2nd birthday. Luke actually like Sesame Street though!

Nana and her girls.

He has already mastered the iPod.

Some Lukey Dukey facts:

He’s a pretty happy kid.

Loves to snuggle and comfort others.

He can hit a fastball like it’s nobody’s business.

Loves new socks, vitamins, and reading truck books.

I have no idea how tall he was or how much he weighed at his 2 year well visit (bad mommy).

He befriends everyone and has to give goodbye hugs to them when they leave.

Doesn’t like getting his hair cut. At all.

Will eat three yogurts a day, more if I let him.

Wants to be outside all the time (I love this!)

Happy Birthday!

Potty Time!

I was getting ready to change Luke into his PJs last night and I asked him if he wanted to use the potty.  He pointed toward the bathroom, so Sara and I took him in.  I got his diaper off and he sat.  Got up. Sat. Got up.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I had Sara use the toilet and told Luke to try his potty.  Next thing I know, he peed!!!!  There were lots of cheers and fist pumps!  He kept pointing to it, not sure what to make of it!!  The kid might not be able to talk, but he did use the potty!!!  Who would have known something like this could make me so happy!!

I need to clean the grout.

The whole “potty training a boy” thing seems to wierd to me!

I promise not to post any more potty pictures.  I’ll write about it, but I’ll spare you from the pictures:)

Luke’s 18 month checkup

Luke had his 18 month checkup on Thursday.  He was great for the whole visit.  His new stats:

Height: 31 1/2 inches (25th percentile)

Weight: 25 lbs, 10 oz (50th percentile)

Head: 49.0 cm (?) (>75th percentile)

He’s doing well in all areas except for his speech.  He has very few words, maybe  three or four.  He has his appointments to be evaluated to see if he qualifies for speech therapy services on November 28.

He also had 3 shots.  He cried for about 30 seconds then seemed to have forgotten all about them.

When I picked him up from Applewood that day they informed me they he was very interested in the potty.  He sat on it and concentrated very intently for awhile!  I’m not holding my breath, but I’m going to start trying to figure out how to potty train a boy!


Apple Picking

On Sunday we went out to Dover to visit with Nicole and decided to all go apple picking.  We haven’t had many chances to all do something together, this seemed like a good opportunity.  We went to DeMeritt Hill Farm in Lee.  There was a tractor pulled hay ride that took you up to where all the apple trees were.  It was worth paying the extra $$ for the hay ride since it was over 80 degrees that day!

The farm also had a playground area with a large climbing structure and several small structures.  There was a bouncy house and pony rides as well, but we didn’t do either of those.

Nicole catching Luke at the bottom of the slide.

Sara was measuring herself to see how tall she was.

I'm not really sure. It was on the back of a pick up truck.

The next days the girls and I baked an apple pie.  It was actually quite pleasant for once – no tears, no yelling.

All hands were washed prior to the mixing of apples.

It really needed 2 or 3 more apples. I'll make sure no load the next pie this weekend.

The pie came out good.  I didn’t get to take any pictures of the final product, and it’s nearly gone now.

I took the kids to Macks yesterday to get pumpkins.  I’ll update with pictures once the girls bedazzle their pumpkins!

Samantha turns 6!

Six years ago, as I was picking up the last of my items for Brian’s surprise 30th birthday party on my day off from work, I had the biggest surprise of my life – my water broke while in Home Depot, 3 weeks early!!  Less than four hours later, Samantha Rose was born and changed our lives forever.  Born at 3:44 PM, weighing 6 lbs 2 oz and 18.5 inches long….she was perfect.

Her big gift was a trip to Story Land last weekend.  We let her open 2 presents in the morning since it was pouring out: her new rain boots and rain coat.

She was very excited for her birthday  She announced it to everyone as soon as she got on the bus!  At Moose Hill, she got to go to the Principal’s office and get a birthday crown and pick a book out of the prize box.

She got to choose her birthday dinner – hamburger, french fries, and juice….her favorite.  After dinner, Nana and Papa, Mem and Jiddo, Aunty Rita and Aunty Tracey all came over to celebrate, eat cake, and spoil Sammy!!  She got TONS of clothes, books, savings bonds, roller skates, and two movies (Annie and Spooky Buddies).  We also got her a CD (Now 39, all her favorite songs), black boots, and an umbrella.

I made her 6 mini pancakes for breakfast, but they didn't end up being so "mini" after all and she only got 4.

Making a puzzle with Jiddo.

Chocolate cake with pink frosting, as requested.

The birthday crown was worn all day.

I think she had a really nice day.  She seemed to be genuinely happy!

…and not to take away from Sammy’s day, but 9/29/11 is Luke’s 18 month “birthday” too.

Doing flips with Nana, just like she used to do with Brian.

Luke made sure Jack felt the love too!

Elf on a Shelf (AKA Jessy)

The girls, especially Sam, have been testing my patience…to the extreme.  I yelled, I punished, I (gasp) took away their TV time, nothing seemed to be working.  So yesterday Jessy made a visit to Sparhawk Drive.  I have to say, I truly believe the elf IS magical.  The girls had a great day!  If it wasn’t such a PITA to find a new hiding spot for her every night, I’d leave her out from now until Christmas!

This is just a random picture I took of Luke that I thought was cute.  He needed a picture with a truck for school!

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