I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my 3 day work weeks – Tuesday through Thursday, but 4th of July week I had to work Monday and Tuesday which gave me Wednesday the 4th through the following Monday off! It was like a mini stay-cation!

We did a lot of swimming at the beach and friends’ pools. I don’t tend to take many pictures while all 3 kids are in the water, but I did work up the courage when we had Aunty Sue’s pool to ourselves.

Water bugs.

Holy BIG eyes!

Sara has gotten brave and will now jump in by herself.

Luke was very curious about the butterfly that kept flying over head and then finally landed on the flowers.






Sam’s Last Day of Kindergarten

I’m sure I’ll be writing this for the next 20 years, but man the school year went by fast!

The First Day of Kindergarten and now:

Moving on to 1st grade!


Father’s Day 2012

The kids and I let Brian sleep in on Father’s Day, then made him breakfast. After breakfast, the kids gave them the cards that they worked very hard on! We then headed down to my parents for a cookout with Uncle Matt, Aunty Rita, Aunty Tracey and Nana and Papa. I’m so grateful that our families get along so well!

Brian playing with his new iPhone and drinking a margarita 🙂

The grand-dads and their grandkids.


My #1 Dad.

Love this picture!