Gymnastics Recital

Sara had been taking gymnastics since the fall and they had their recital the Friday night of Father’s Day weekend. She was very excited for the night!

They first showed the audience all of their warm-up exercises.

Her bridge.

They had 10 stations set up throughout the gym. They did front rolls, back rolls, practiced cartwheels, balance beam, and several other stations. The advanced groups did a routine for us. It was really neat to see them perform. Last, they each were called up to receive their highly anticipated trophy!




Kindergarten Celebration

Samantha’s kindergarten class at Moose Hill didn’t have a graduation, but they did have an end of year Celebration that was very nice. We may have lucked out with a sunny day and been the only session to be able to have the celebration outside because of the rain we had been having.

Like the “great” mom I am, I got myself all situated to take pictures. The classes filed out and they lined up on the risers. Sam told me she was in the back row because she was so tall. I snapped this one picture:

and my battery died. Luckily, my in-laws were there with a fully charged camera!

Sam had been practicing the songs that they were performing for the past couple of weeks. I couldn’t wait to hear them sing! They sang 6 songs: You’re a Grand Old Flag, It’s a Beautiful Day, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Down by the Bay, Watch as We Walk on Our Way, and I Am Me. The last song was an unexpected tear-jerker for sure!

We got to go back to the classroom for snacks and drinks.


And just like that, Kindergarten is over.

Memorial Day Cookout

We had gorgeous weather all 4 days of our long Memorial Day weekend! I don’t remember the last time the weather was so perfect.

We had a cookout at my cousin Jen and Wayne’s, and the kids (and adults) had a great time. Jen and Wayne bought a new slip and slide for the kids.

It was a team effort setting it up!

Sam and Sara and their cousin Emilie.

Ben had the best expressions every time he went down the slip and side. I love my godson!

There was a bird that landed right by us and obviously had something wrong with it because it would let the kids get really close and not fly away.

Luke was trying to catch it in the net, and he decided at some point that he no longer needed to wear a bathing suit.

I wish I knew what they were talking about.


Luke was laying down the law of the land from atop his castle.

Of course there were s’mores!

They finished the night by watching a bit of a movie.

Jen’s kids slept later than mine the next morning, but it was still a great night!



Mother’s Day

Brian and the kids gave me a wonderful Mother’s Day this year. Brian let me sleep in (that was rare and fabulous!) and him and the kids make me breakfast in bed. Since the kids thought they would be dining with me in my bed, I decided to move breakfast back to the kitchen!

We went out for an early dinner at Lucciano’s with my parents, Brian’s parents, and his sister. It was great not having to prep, cook, or clean anything up!

Then we all came back to the house for dessert.

Jack enjoyed the day as well.

The weather was great and the company was superb. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!


Happy Birthday Memere!

Although I’m still in update mode with my blog, I felt this post deserved to be moved to the front of the line.  Yesterday was my Memere’s 93rd birthday!

In true Memere fashion, when we got to her house this morning, she had the table filled with snacks for her visitors. This has been the ritual for nearly every Sunday of my 35 years, and I’m sure many years before that. Memere’s kitchen is always open on Sundays for her family and friends. I have such great memories of spending time there, and I’m so greatful that my children have been able to experience this as well.

She’s timeless and funny, beautiful and smart. She still remembers my childhood friends (and their birthdays)!  She nearly always guesses the weight of every newborn and toddler, down to the ounce, but I guess after (please don’t hold me to these numbers, it is my best guess) 13 children, 32 grandchildren, and 32 great-grandchildren, she knows what she is talking about!

We are all truly blessed to have her in our lives. Happy Birthday Memere!

Oh and her skin….beautiful and glowing!


A few more pictures from April.

We went to The New England Aquarium during April vacation with Mem.

The girls went to a birthday party at their friend Allie’s house where they got to paint their own flower pots and plant some seeds.

Ari always takes great pictures.

The girls read a book about fairy houses at daycare and were very interested in building one at home. We went through the woods and gathered leaves, sticks, rocks, pine cones and anything else that looked fairy-worthy, and then they went to town building a house.

I gave them “fairy water” (I colored a bucket of water yellow for them) and they made mud to form a nice roof. This fairy house business kept them busy for a good two hours….without fighting!

Each compartment was a different room in the house.


The next day, the girls found fairy dust on the house!


Dirty feet will be the theme of the summer I think.


Sam is playing (and loving!) baseball again this year. She’s in the Rookie league and plays twice a week. They practice and do drills for the first half of each game, then have a game against the other team where every kid gets to bat.

To start off the season, the league holds a parade from the high school to the fields, complete with a fire truck escort. Sam is #4 this year and on the Tigers.

After the short parade, all the players gather on one field and get to see some of the high school players throw out the 1st pitches of the season.

Brian missed all of the festivities, he was sick with pneumonia:(

I will have to get some more recent pictures, as her batting stance has greatly improved. She’s hitting well, and getting the hang of throwing and fielding correctly. I think her enthusiasm for the game is best of all!

There’s an area behind the field for Sara and Luke to play in during the games. They usually practice their hitting technique as well!

Luke thinks it’s fun to throw all of the balls over the locked fence, and then gets mad when he has no balls left.

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