The Adventures of our Elf on a Shelf

This is the third Christmas season that our Elf, Jessy (a girl, by the way) has visited our home. The girls found her the first year under our tree along with the book telling her story, and each year since she reappears the day after Thanksgiving. Basically the elf is a scout elf for Santa. She spends the day in your house, then returns to the North Pole at night to report to Santa on whether the kids have been naughty or nice.  She comes back the next day to a new spot in the house and the kids have to find her. This does wonders to get the kids out of bed in the morning!!

I decided to have fun with Jessy this year and tried to be more creative with her new spots each day. Truth be told, I enjoyed Jessy way more than the kids I think!! I wish I had used the camera to take the pictures instead of my cell phone, but it was usually 11:00 at night and I was just plain tired. There’s always next year.

Here are a few of her “activities” from this year:

swinging in the doll house swing with the baby


They loved that the silly elf toilet papered the tree.

we were having a bad night. Jessy sent a warning.

building a snowman

snow angel

sucking down very expired whip cream in the fridge

hanging from the curtains

ladies' poker night

admiring her new skirt

sitting in the poinsettia

being mischievous

taking a bath

eating a bowl of cheerios

christmas tree gymnastics

checking out Christmas cards

Jessy left the kids a note on Christmas Eve: Naughty or Nice??

She left the notebook in the hallway for the kids on Christmas morning.

She also left them a message on the bathroom mirror.

"Merry Christmas! See you next year...or maybe sooner!"

There were some challenges when deciding where Jessy was going to land for the night. First of all, we have a very limited area where she can physically sit. She also couldn’t be left any where that Luke (or the dog) could get to her. The girls knew not to touch her because if you do, she loses her magic and can’t fly back to the North Pole to see Santa. Maybe once Luke “gets” it, we’ll be able to find some new spots!


Merry Christmas!

There was a Christmas miracle! After a late night out at Mem and Jiddo’s on Christmas Eve, the kids slept until 8:15 Christmas morning! Brian and I definitely appreciated it.

The kids wasted no time going through their stockings first.

They then moved on to their Santa gifts. Sam was very careful to read everyone’s tags to make sure they were all opening the right presents.

Sara's pink (of course) iPod shuffle.

Luke's golf clubs.

The girls both got Paper Jamz guitars, since they are rock stars and all.

Santa also brought Sam an iPod touch, new earphones, and clothes. Sara got a digital camera and pink sparkly makeup/jewelry case. Luke got a Cars Wheelies race track and safari lamp that he loves! He puts it on as soon as he goes in his room!

The girls wrote letters to Santa with a few things that they wanted: Sam – microphone and an ice cream maker, Sara – microphone and a mirror. Of course Santa was already done shopping. Luckily Nana and Papa had time to get the girls microphones which they LOVE! Sam can’t have milk so an ice cream maker was out of the question. When I asked Sara about the mirror she wanted, she said “a pink, princess mirror.” I asked if it was like the one she got last Christmas that was still hanging on her wall. She said yes. Ok.

Later that morning, Nana, Papa, Aunty Tracey, Aunty Rita, Mem, Jiddo, Maya and Matt all came over for brunch. We had a spiral ham, hash brown casserole, monkey bread, pork pie, french toast casserole, quiche, and of course, bacon. Everything was yummy! Luke had enough excitement and went in for a nap. Everyone else headed downstairs to open more presents.

Mem and her girls.

Papa assumed his usual position behind the desk.

Matt and the lovely Maya.

Nana and her oldest granddaughters.

Nana and Nicole

Aunty Rita and Sara were having a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest.

Each kid took $15 dollars out of their own money to buy $5 gifts for their siblings. They took their jobs very seriously. Sam bought nail polish for Nicole, Body wash and lotion for Sara, and a little dog that lights up and barks for Luke. Sara bought body wash for Nicole, an I Spy puzzle for Sam, and a light up spinning thingy for Luke. Luke picked out (all by himself) a gift set with a picture frame, note-book and pen for each girls. Sparkly purple for Sam and sparkly pink for Sara. I put their pictures in the frames. Nicole got a mini Bruins’ hockey stick for Luke since he uses anything he can get his hands on to “play” hockey. It was perfect. She also got chapstick for Sara and nail polish for Sam. They all loved wrapping the gifts and handing them out Christmas morning.

By this time, Jack was DONE with Christmas! The sugar plums were gone. His only vision was peace and quiet.

Everyone left in the afternoon and we enjoyed about 30 minutes of down time before going to Aunty Sue and Uncle George’s house.  We got to visit with Memere again and about 80 or so other Sirois’! I love our huge family!

Kayla and Samantha

I love Emilie's face. So mischievous.

My favorite god son Ben.

Christmas is so much more fun as a mom!

Christmas Eve

We always go to mass on Christmas Eve before heading down to my parents’ for their Christmas Eve open house. The girls were excited to wear their new, very glittery dresses. There was literally a trail of sparkly dust everywhere they went.

Luke was REALLY ready to go and had his coat on for the twenty minutes before we left. We managed to get it off of him and were able to get one decent picture of the three of them.

Sam looks so grown up.

We headed out to church and were able to find seats. The downside was there was still 30 minutes before mass even started. That’s a long time to keep the kids entertained, especially Luke. He was quite exhausting throughout the whole mass. Luckily, our church neighbors were all very understanding. I’m pretty sure Luke entertained them greatly.

After mass, we went to my parents’ for their annual open house. Nana, Papa and Tracey all come each year too. Matt and Maya were also home from DC. It’s nice to have our entire family together for the holidays. The kids love it, and we certainly do too.

My parents let the kids open their stockings on Christmas Eve.


Luke and Memere had some kind of game going. I have no idea what it was, but they were both laughing hysterically!

Luke was taking a break on his new chair from Mem and Jiddo.

We don’t get to see Matt and his girlfriend Maya too often, but when we do, the kids run them ragged! They are really good sports!

They managed to catch a break from the kids.


The kids were all really good and we ended up staying until after 9:30 I think.  They all passed out in the car of course! I couldn’t snap a picture of Sam, but she was out too.


Luke and Sara went right to bed. Sam stayed up and put cookies and milk out for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer. She also went out and sprinkled the reindeer food that we made the day before. It didn’t have the same effect since there was no snow, but we had to put it out anyway!

We give the kids one gift to open on Christmas Eve, Luckily we did it before we left for church this year. They each got a pillow pet. I am not the biggest fan of dust collectors, I mean stuffed animals, but the girls have wanted one for at least a year now. They all loved them, so it was worth it.

Brian and I were pretty exhausted by the time every one was in bed and we found all the gifts that were hidden around the house. We prayed for a Christmas miracle – that all the kids would sleep in.

Class party and more cookies

The last day of school before vacation was Sam’s class Christmas party. She was looking forward to it all week. It started with a visit from Santa. Everyone got to ring the bells and they each got a new pencil.

Mrs. Wright’s room mom made gingerbread cookies for the kids to decorate. Sam’s class is a nut free class and they made sure to have a milk-free frosting for Sam to decorate her cookie with.

Her buddy James on the right.

The final product. Yum...I guess.

After the cookies were decorated, they played several different holiday games.

Sam had a lot of fun and I was so glad I could be there and be a part of it.

That afternoon we were back to baking, but this time it was simple. Sugar cookies made from a mix! They loved rolling out the dough with the rolling-pin.

No cookie dough was eaten, but they were tempted!

Since the cookie cutters were out, we made Christmas pizzas for dinner.

After dinner, we decorated our cookies.

Luke worked really hard on his cookie. As soon as he saw the girls working on their cookies, he ran over to the draw and got his spoon so he could do one too!

Some of the finished cookies.

They thought they had to cover every square inch of some of the cookies.