I’ve been wanting to blog about Jack for awhile now.  I’m not sure why I waited so long.

Baby Jack, the first week home with us.

I had always liked the name Jack, but once I married a Daniels I took it off the table when thinking of boys’ names for the three kids.  Then we started talking about getting a dog again, and Jack was it!  Jack, Jacky, Jack-o Boy….he’s a good dog!

Taking a snooze with Sara

The boys

As I type this, Jack is lying across my legs, snoring.  He loves to snuggle, play with Barbies, and chew a good book now and then.  He’s a babysitter and a comedian.  He even lets Brian and I sleep in the bed with him.  What more can you ask for in a dog!



Trick or Treating was postponed in Londonderry this year due to the crazy snow storm we had.  We were staying at my parents house on Halloween, and their trick or treating, which was supposed to be on Sunday, was postponed to Halloween night.  Since we were there, the kids lucked out and got to trick or treat twice!




It was fun taking the kids around to all the houses that I used to trick or treat at as a kid.  They met up with their cousins and had a great night.  The only weird part was all the snow that was in everyone’s yards!

We had friends over for pizza and play time before we went trick or treating on Sunday, NOVEMBER 6.  It’s strange typing November when talking about trick or treating!!

The crew

Aunty Tracey all dressed up and ready to pass out candy.

The kids had a blast and collected WAY too much candy!

Until next year.....


We have had a lot of weird weather in the last few years.  This was no exception.  After having a small snow flurry on Thursday 10/27, we got hammered on Saturday.  Not just a dusting….a good 8-10 inches.  It was the heavy wet stuff and by 6:00 that night the lights started flickering.  Brian and I joked that it was a slow, painful death just waiting for the power to go out, and it certainly did.  By 9:30 power was out and we didn’t see it again until Tuesday.  We were luckier than many in town who didn’t get power back until Thursday.

We went to Nana and Papa’s on Sunday.  We thought for sure my parents would have power back at some point that day and we’d be able to head down to their house to spend the night.  They were lucky enough to be in Aruba and miss the craziness.  But, nothing.  So we spent the night at Nana and Papa’s, whose lights never even flickered!

We played outside for awhile and cleaned off the cars.  Aaron even came to plow the driveway.

Luke wasn’t so sure about the snow.  He wouldn’t keep his gloves on so as soon as he touched the snow, he was pretty unhappy.

We had two good size branches fall across the back deck.

Schools were closed through Wednesday and there was a delay on Thursday.  Between Hurricane Irene and this snow storm, the kids have already had 4 snow days!

One thing is for sure, a generator is a must, and I think we are finally breaking down and getting one….soon 🙂