Potty Time!

I was getting ready to change Luke into his PJs last night and I asked him if he wanted to use the potty.  He pointed toward the bathroom, so Sara and I took him in.  I got his diaper off and he sat.  Got up. Sat. Got up.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I had Sara use the toilet and told Luke to try his potty.  Next thing I know, he peed!!!!  There were lots of cheers and fist pumps!  He kept pointing to it, not sure what to make of it!!  The kid might not be able to talk, but he did use the potty!!!  Who would have known something like this could make me so happy!!

I need to clean the grout.

The whole “potty training a boy” thing seems to wierd to me!

I promise not to post any more potty pictures.  I’ll write about it, but I’ll spare you from the pictures:)


First call from the school nurse

I got a call on Friday morning that Sam was in the nurse’s office.  Her chest was tight and she had a low grade fever.  I happened to be in Walmart with the kids and Brian, so we all took a ride to pick her up.  We dropped Brian off to pick up his car and headed home.  She looked pretty pale and had a lousy cough.  She got a nebulizer treatment right away then just relaxed on the couch until lunch.

After a small lunch of soup, the coughing started getting really bed and she was begging me to put her sheets on her bed so she could sleep.  I couldn’t get them on fast enough.  Her cough was worse and worse and she started saying she felt really sick and that she couldn’t breathe.

Her pediatrician’s office was closed for lunch so I took her right to Urgent Care.  I have been to Urgent Care twice for myself, and Brian has taken Sam once for an ear infection, and we have always been so pleased with their service.  Friday was no exception.  They whisked her right in and started monitoring her.  Her oxygen level was REALLY low.  They started her on her first of 3 nebulizer treatments.  She also was given prednisone.

Brian came and stayed with her, she’s definitely a daddy’s girls, and I took the other two home.  They spent about 2 hours there monitoring her and ordered x-rays of her lungs.  They were all clear, thank goodness.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching hours upon hours of TV and movies, with puzzle making and baking a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies  in between .  Swim lessons, a birthday party, and a pumpkin carving party with her cousins were all missed.  Besides from the obvious cough, I knew she really wasn’t herself because she didn’t even put up a fight about missing all her fun activities.

She seemed to be doing better on Monday and I sent her to school.  I wasn’t at work more than twenty minutes when the school nurse called.  So not only am I “that” parent who sent her kid to school sick, but I also sent in an expired inhaler!

The nurse recommended keeping her home again tomorrow, which Sam will happily oblige!  She’ll spend the morning with Daddy and then Aunty Rita will be over for the afternoon.

Hopefully her nebulizer treatments and the steroids kick this thing soon!

Luke’s 18 month checkup

Luke had his 18 month checkup on Thursday.  He was great for the whole visit.  His new stats:

Height: 31 1/2 inches (25th percentile)

Weight: 25 lbs, 10 oz (50th percentile)

Head: 49.0 cm (?) (>75th percentile)

He’s doing well in all areas except for his speech.  He has very few words, maybe  three or four.  He has his appointments to be evaluated to see if he qualifies for speech therapy services on November 28.

He also had 3 shots.  He cried for about 30 seconds then seemed to have forgotten all about them.

When I picked him up from Applewood that day they informed me they he was very interested in the potty.  He sat on it and concentrated very intently for awhile!  I’m not holding my breath, but I’m going to start trying to figure out how to potty train a boy!


Corn Maze

Two of the mom’s from Sara’s Pre-K class at Applewood started setting up events to give the families opportunities to meet and socialize outside of school.  This past Saturday was the first event – a Corn Maze at Elwood Orchards!

We wandered through the maze for about an hour.  The kids were great and really worked together when choosing a path.

The crew - Sam, Sara, Emmitt, Lily, and Oliver

After walking in (what seemed like) circles, we found our way back to the entrance.  The kids didn’t know that it was the same way we came in and were all so excited to have “made it!”  I was happy to not have to call 911 like the poor local woman who did this past week when she was stuck in a corn maze!

Happy Birthday Brian!

Brian turned  36 on Thursday 10/13!

Sam worked really hard decorating his card.

He loves his daddy!

No birthday for Brian is complete without ice cream cake.




Halloween costume fail

Sam wants to be Sharpay for Halloween.  Fine.  So I ordered her the dress from here and pay a few extra bucks to have it before a Halloween party this weekend.  She was beyond excited when we got home Thursday night and the package was waiting for her.  She proceeded to rip it open….and all I hear is “Mommy, what is THIS???”

Yep, they sent the wrong costume.  Instead of Sharpay’s pink dress, she got this:

A big FAIL for Sam, but Thursday WAS Brian’s birthday…maybe he thought he was getting a special present:)

Actually, this is a double fail – it’s $8 cheaper now….ugh.

Apple Picking

On Sunday we went out to Dover to visit with Nicole and decided to all go apple picking.  We haven’t had many chances to all do something together, this seemed like a good opportunity.  We went to DeMeritt Hill Farm in Lee.  There was a tractor pulled hay ride that took you up to where all the apple trees were.  It was worth paying the extra $$ for the hay ride since it was over 80 degrees that day!

The farm also had a playground area with a large climbing structure and several small structures.  There was a bouncy house and pony rides as well, but we didn’t do either of those.

Nicole catching Luke at the bottom of the slide.

Sara was measuring herself to see how tall she was.

I'm not really sure. It was on the back of a pick up truck.

The next days the girls and I baked an apple pie.  It was actually quite pleasant for once – no tears, no yelling.

All hands were washed prior to the mixing of apples.

It really needed 2 or 3 more apples. I'll make sure no load the next pie this weekend.

The pie came out good.  I didn’t get to take any pictures of the final product, and it’s nearly gone now.

I took the kids to Macks yesterday to get pumpkins.  I’ll update with pictures once the girls bedazzle their pumpkins!

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