Sam’s first day of Kindergarten

After having the first day of school cancelled because of all of the power outages from Hurricane Irene, Sam had her first day of kindergarten at Moose Hill!  She was beyond excited to go to Moose Hill like many of her friends did last year, and of course she got to ride the bus.  The first day was only an hour long and a parent got to ride the bus to and from school.  At first Sam was bummed that I would be going with her on the bus, then she said it was OK as long as I didn’t sit with her!  She relented and we sat together on the way to school!  She’s so independent!

waiting for the bus

the backpack

She met her teacher, Mrs. Wright, and spent some time checking out her classroom.  She is in a “safe” classroom – no nuts or peanuts.  Her friend James from her T ball team is in her class.  They were great buddies during T ball, but they were both so shy yesterday and wouldn’t talk to each other!

Her seat-mate on her bus, Sara, is also in her class.  They seem to have hit it off!

riding the bus

Today was her first “real” day of school and it was as if she’d been riding the bus her whole life.  No problems or hesitations!  She took the bus to Applewood afterschool today, as she will do on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Hurricane Irene

When we were leaving Myrtle Beach last week, the weather reports were all about a storm brewing, Irene.  It got up to a category 3 storm and ripped through the Bahamas before turning and making its way up the coast.  We watched as it hit South and North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and New York.  By yesterday morning it was downgraded to a tropical storm, but we were seeing heavy rain and some pretty good wind gusts.  Not surprisingly, we lost power by 1o AM.  Overall, the kids did a decent job of playing and entertaining each other.  Their imaginations really take off when there is no TV.  But by 3:oo we needed a change of scenery.  We took a drive to see how far the power outage spread, then ended up at Walmart for a bit.

We finally decided to pack up shop and head down to Mom’s for the night.  As soon as we were all packed (about 6:15), the power came back on!  Brian and I were pretty relieved, but the girls were devastated they weren’t having a sleepover at Mem and Jiddo’s!

I’m not sure how we survived no power for 10 days during the ice storm, because after a few hours today we were all driving each other nuts!

We had a few limbs fall in the backyard by the swing set, but it doesn’t look too bad.  We were planning on having a bunch of those limbed cut anyway!  The biggest impact of the storm was that school got cancelled (on Friday!), so Sam has to wait one more day to start at Moose Hill and ride the bus!

Art and Maureen stayed in Myrtle Beach after we left.  They lost power for a few hours, but they said it wasn’t too bad at all.  They did delay leaving by 2 days to make sure everything was cleared ahead of them before driving North.

Myrtle Beach 2011 – Part 3

After another beautiful day on the beach Tuesday, we decided to head down to Broadway at the Beach for dinner, rides, and fireworks.  It was SO crowded that night, probably because of the fireworks.  We ate at the Tilted Kilt, an Irish bar/restaurant.  We were all pretty disappointed in our meals and the service, but, we tried something new.  After dinner we got tickets for the girls to go on some rides.

waiting for the carousel

they loved how the car whipped them around the corners!

We made the mistake of starting on the rides for the smaller kids.  There was another side that had some “big” kid rides Sam would have loved, but we ran out of time and only got to do the Tea Cups.

We ended the night with fireworks (again!) and then it was a long, hot walk back to the car.

Brian took a picture of what he believes is the place that sells the most expensive cotton candy in the USA, or possibly the world. I think he's right 🙂

We slept in a bit on Wednesday and spent another glorious day on the beach.  Brian and Art picked up very yummy pizzas from an Italian restaurant down the street.  It was WONDERFUL not having to get off the beach early and get ready to go out!  We went back down for a little more beach time after we ate.  All the beach pictures are starting to look the same, so here are a few random shots from the day.

I think they really do love each other!

Sammy wanted a picture with her baby

so Sara wanted a picture with her blankie

Myrtle Beach 2011 – Part 2

I took my laptop with me on vacation with grand hopes of blogging every night or every other night.  I got as far as drafting one post…and gave up!  So I’ll be working on the rest of our vacation in dribs and drabs.

On the plus side, my last post was my 10th post!!  This is an accomplishment for me!

Back to our vacation.  Monday was spent all day on the beach (of course).  Even though we were constantly watching/chasing/playing with the kids, it was still so relaxing and peaceful.  I never tire of listening to the crashing of the ocean waves.

We stayed in that night and Nana cooked a great dinner of pork roast, baby red potatoes, and veggies.  Then we headed back to Barefoot Landing for a little fun before the fireworks.

Me and Luke on the carousel

Sam climbed to the top of this tower.

It was pretty tall!

Waiting there turn for the Euro bungy.

Sam went first. No flips this year though. When she did the bungy three years ago she kept flipping!

Then it was Sara's turn.

They FINALLY like having their pictures taken! This was in front of Tiki Jim's.

We watched the (late) fireworks show – 10:15.

One of the best things about being on the beach all day is how it totally wipes the kids out.  They were all so tired each and every night….bed time was a piece of cake!

Bloody nose :(

Sara just came stumbling out of her bed covered in blood. We cleaned her up and let her hang out on the couch for a little while. She then asked to go beack to bed!

Myrtle Beach 2011 – Part 1

We made the trek down to South Carolina again, and it went pretty smooth.  We left the house by 10:15 PM Thursday night to start our journey south.  The girls never went to bed – they were too excited to sleep.  So the Caravan was loaded up and off we went.  We made it until about 5 AM before we both hit a wall.  We took a quick 30 minute catnap at a rest stop while the girls read their books.  By the time we got up, the sun was up and we felt somewhat refreshed and ready to keep driving.  We made it to a Cracker Barrel in Maryland for breakfast.

The kids were GREAT the entire time we were driving!  I don’t think we could have hoped for anything better.  Even Luke was spectacular….he was probably best of all of them!!

We stopped in Wilson, NC around 2 PM on Friday.  Nana and Papa were able to get us both rooms and we had some much needed down time and a swim in the hotel pool.  After a quick shower we all went out for dinner and then headed home for an early bedtime.  Everyone was out for the night by 8 PM.  Luke was the first up Saturday morning at 7:30.  We all slept great!

The girls were imitating the girls on the shampoo commercial.

We got to take our time in the morning, have a little breakfast, and take off for the last 3 hours of driving to Myrtle Beach.  We stopped about 1/2 hour from MB to have a picnic lunch…in the car because it had just finished raining.  We drove to get our condo key and even though we were early, our unit was ready!

We all unpacked and the girls were happy putting away all their clothes and toys in “their” room.  I was told several times by Sara that I was NOT allowed in their room.  She had a lot of rules….

Brian and Papa took the kids down to the beach while Nana and I went food shopping.  We had a nice easy dinner, played some games, and all went to bed early.

Sunday was the first real beach day.  We were on the beach by 9, and other than a quick lunch, we pretty much didn’t move off of the beach until after 3.  Sam made friends with a boy named Trey and they were in the water virtually the whole time.  Sara is getting braver and braver and would sit on Nana’s lap pretty far in the water.  Luke chased seagulls, hit his T ball, and dug in the sand all day…all on 1 twenty minute nap!

Ladder ball

We went to T Bonz for dinner and planned on spending some time walking around Barefoot Landing, but the rain started coming down so we headed home after getting an ice cream.  We weren’t home for 2 minutes when the power went out!  Of course this caused a lot of excitement for the kids.  I put Luke, who was totally wiped, to bed and the rest of us hung out on the porch for about an hour until the power came back on.

Vacation has gotten off to a fantastic start!  I can’t wait for the rest of this week, and I hope it goes by super slow:)