The Zoo, Ari’s Party and Bunk Beds!

Sam, Sara, Aunty Rita and Luke

We’ve had a busy and fun weekend so far.  Aunt Rita has been wanting to take us to the zoo for 3 years.  Something always happens to sabotage our plans, but on Friday, we finally made it to the Stone Zoo.  We had fun!

Bats! It stunk real bad in this exhibit so I just stuck my camera in and took a picture without looking!


The girls wore pink to match the flamingos!

Nice kitty

Ari’s Birthday Party

Arianna’s 4th birthday party was Saturday afternoon at her aunt’s farm in Derry.  They have horses, goats, chickens, dogs, a cat, snakes, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and probably more that I am forgetting!  

Ari, Sara and Maddie

Sam holding a chicken

I'm not sure how any daughter of mine could hold a snake....

Bobby and Declan

After the animal show, we had cake – Rapunzel – and Ari opened her gifts.  Then it was time for pony rides!

Brian picked Sam up from the party and took her to a Fisher Cats game with Nana and Papa.  I enjoyed a nice night with Luke and Sara.  We went for a bike ride after dinner with NO tears!

Bunk Beds

Last but not least, we finally got the bunk beds put together for the girls.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for buying them for the girls, and then for coming up to rescue us tonight and help finish them up!


Bye Bye Curls, Hello Pool

I took Luke for his first “real” haircut yesterday.  By real I mean I didn’t attempt to trim his hair.  I picked him up from Sylvia’s and snapped a few before pictures.










We got to the hair place and he wasn’t fooled by the lollipops or balloon….he wanted no part of this haircut.  After attempting to just having his hair trimmed, we quickly realized it wasn’t going to happen with all the thrashing, kicking and punching.  I had to hold him and I was sweating bullets just trying to keep him semi-still.  So we had to resort to the razor.  That didn’t go much better but at least the fear of someone getting stabbed was gone!  I also wasn’t able to get any shots of him during the haircut process.  I was just lucky and happy to get out of there in one piece.

Here's the curl-less Luke.

Although I really miss those cute curls, it was time.  I already have two pretty girls with curls, I didn’t need strangers telling me how cute ALL my girls were.  Plus, we’re in the middle of a 100+ degree heat wave, so this couldn’t have come at a better time.
Oh, and when I picked the girls up after Luke’s haircut, they thought it was the funniest thing!  They kept saying I had a new baby and Sam renamed him Caleb!
We showed off Luke’s new look at Aunty Sue’s pool today.  I have such great memories of swimming with all the Pelletier boys at Aunt Sue and Uncle George’s pool as a kid.  It’s so nice that our kids can experience a piece of that.  Plus, all 3 Pelletier boys were there today, and they got to swim with their cousins Tyler and Kayla!

Sara would put her head in the water and swim by herself with her swimmies.




Until Nolan got there, Kayla would only go to Jess, except for this one brief moment with Sam!


Aunty Sue made orange juice popsicles with slices of strawberries...yum!


Kayla loved getting tossed in the air by Nolan!


Sam praying....I mean diving


Doctor visit – Sara and Luke

I had to do 2 posts today to write about the kids’ well visits yesterday.

First Luke’s 15 month:

31 1/4 inches (50th %)

23 lbs, 10 oz (25th – 50th %)

He also had 2 shots and didn’t make a peep:)


Sara’s 4 year:

41 inches (75th %)

36 lbs (75th %)

Her blood pressure was 98/62.  Her BMI was good too, but I don’t remember what it was.

No shots for Sara this year, which she was very pleased about.  She also passed her hearing and vision tests.

Concert on the Common

When I was returning books at the library yesterday morning, I saw a sign for the  the Common.  These are free concerts in town on Wednesday nights during the summer.  I had completely forgotten about them until I saw the sign, and I thought it would be fun to bring the girls.  There ended up being several families from Applewood there and a good time was had by all!

All the kids played out back during the concert.

Liz Longley was the performer and she was excellent!  The girls got her autograph after the show.


The girls sat up front for the last few songs and they all danced for the final song. I was too lazy to get up and take a good picture.

 It was a late night (and a tough next morning) but it was worth it!





Lake Day

I’m very fortunate to have great in-laws (and I’m not just saying this because they have the link to this website).  They watch the kids every Tuesday and they have been dying to go to Newfound Lake all summer.  They were finally able to go today!  They stayed for dinner when they got back so I was able to get their pictures!

Nana and her babies.

Sam helped Sara get comfortable in the water.

Luke just chillin’

Sara was feeling braver in the water.

Sam would stay in the water all day.


Today is also Nana and Papa’s 41st Anniversary….Happy Anniversary!

Canobie and a wake-up call


Samantha, Arianna, Sara and Morgan


We had a birthday party for Sara on Saturday at the house.  Mem and Jiddo, Nana and Papa, Aunty Tracey, Aunty Rita and Sara’s friends Arianna and Morgan all came over to play, eat pizza and of course have cake!  Sam, Sara and the girls all played well together.  I didn’t even lose it when I went into the girls’ room to tell them it was time for cake and Sara was painting Arianna’s toes…on her carpet.  She painted her toenails and about half of her foot I think!




We ended the night with fireworks.  They put on a really good show!  It was set to music and the first song was Firework by Katy Perry.  Well the girls knew the song, especially Sara who belted out all the words!

It was a late night, we weren’t home until after 11, but it was well worth it.  The best part: everyone slept until 9:20 the next morning:)  Even Luke, who went to bed at his normal 7:30 bedtime!

Blowing out the candles of her Barbie cake.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, with a little shopping in the afternoon.  I love the weekends!

Oh, the wake-up call.  Between the heat and my poor eating habits, lately I feel like a big puffy balloon.  So I am off the sodium (as much as possible).  Hopefully typing this will keep me straight;)


Summer living

If all days could be like today, I would be one happy lady.  The whole family slept in (it was after 8, that’s sleeping in).  We had a nice breakfast on the deck.  It was one of those mornings where you could tell it was going to be a beautiful day – blue sky, a few puffy clouds, bright sunshine.  Then I took the kids out to practice riding their bikes while I pushed Luke in his car.  I knew the day would finally come – there were virtually NO tears during the bike ride!!!

When we got back the kids were ready for a snack.  They spread out their picnic blanket in the backyard and set out all their picnic ware.  They had a nice snack or apples, cheez-its and lemonade.  I think any snack served picnic-style is a hit!

Then we headed up to the beach after lunch.  Uncle Steve and Aunty Chris had their place at Salisbury for the week and we were all excited to visit.  Mem and Jiddo were there, as well as Uncle Roger and Ellen with Ben, Jess with Tyler and Kayla, and the new homeowners Jason and Kelly.  Brian met us out there later in the afternoon. 

Ben in the hole he dug.

It was a great beach day!  All the kids played well together.  They dug a big hole, made a little swimming pool for Luke and Kayla, and of course splashed in the waves.  Sam is very adventurous and would stay in the water all day if we let her.  Uncle steve let her use his boogy board to ride some waves. 

Mem and Sara


Brian and Luke.

Even Jiddo came to the beach. Sam got some snuggle time with him.


Kayla LOVED the beach!


















We ended the night with dinner at Marky’s and Brian took the girls for slushes.  Quite possibly a perfect summer day!

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